What to buy from Zara SS2020 collection

A slice of my life for you guys … this is my return to my absolute favorite passtime blogging ! ….

I went through the new arrivals on the Zara online website and here are some of my picks for all you gorgeous girls out there!

These are only a handful…

1.Green Pleated Dress:

I loved how bright that green is, it pops out and makes you stand out in a crowd...also there is always something about these silhouttes making them look always so trendy and as if this style is to stay forever. You can buy the pleated dress here.

2. Satin polka slip dress :

Fell in love with that camisole beautyy! I don’t even need words to describe much the dress speaks for itself.

Find the satin camisole dress here.

3. Blue padded sandals:

For the love of this beautiful ceruleanish shade … buy them here.

4. Clear box bag :

Honestly this daisy printed clear glass box clutch with a chain detailing is just too desirable and too pretty to not put it in the shopping basket.

Get the clutch here

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